How to protect vehicle wraps in Tucson, AZ

Nowadays, companies and businesses have taken advertising and branding to a whole new level. They have found a way to always be present through vehicle branded wraps. Vehicle wraps is a trend that has many benefits to the brand owners. The wraps help expand companies’ popularity and are able to draw a new audience from the market. Vehicle wraps are appealing due to the attractive visuals that draw the attention of everyone who the vehicle passes by.

Equipping your vehicle with wraps is not the hard part as much as keeping it. The wraps are durable to last for some years if properly maintained.  Cleaning the vehicle is the tricky part since you want to do it without causing damage to the wrap.

You have to take special care when cleaning wrapped vehicles. The graphics need to remain intact. It is, therefore, crucial to take note of the following dos and don’ts for cleaning vehicles with wraps.

Right way to clean

You should clean the vehicle gently with a soft sponge, mild automotive cleaner and lukewarm water. Avoid scrubbing too hard that could affect the vinyl. In case of stains such as bird droppings, it is advisable to soak in slightly warm water. Since some of such messes do not disappear on the first try, repeat the procedure daily till the stains go away. The vehicle should be rinsed from a hose without high power nozzle. For further assistance, one can always contact experts on vehicle wraps cleaning.

What to avoid

  • Abrasive cleaning tools- tools such as sponges with scrubbers should never be used for cleaning. Such tools cause massive damage by tearing and scratching the vinyl. This causes you to endure huge unplanned for repair costs.
  • High-pressure hose nozzles- vinyl used in vehicles are meant to be treated gently while cleaning. Use of high-pressure hose or commercial car washes makes the vinyl lift and exposes it to tear and material failure
  • Alcohol-based solvents- products with alcohol weaken the vinyl used and shorten the lifespan of the wrap leading to fast material failure.
  • Petroleum-based products- just like the alcohol-based products, petroleum reacts with the vinyl and therefore compromising its durability.

Vehicle wraps are definitely the in-thing in advertising and beating competition but without proper maintenance, the effort will not produce the desired results. Keeping in mind that how the vinyl looks can affect how new audience views your brand, it is inevitable to use the right tools and methods for cleaning and maintenance. If not sure on how to clean or handle the wraps, contact experts trained to handle such materials.