Pylon Signs

Digital advertising has its place, but as far as enhancing your business’s visibility is concerned, the effectiveness of pylon signs is unparalleled. Statistically, using pylon signs for your company can increase its sales prospects by 15%. As a dedicated sign company, we know the importance of investing in things that would increase your company’s visibility and brand recognition. Apart from complying with your store’s aesthetic requirements, pylon signage can also be implemented as directional signs to know beforehand which direction they should be heading. More often than not, pylon signs are installed as tenant signs in significant market places and shopping malls to help consumers spot their desired stores without any confusion whatsoever!

  • Illuminated sign boxes

If you are looking for an everlasting impression on your customers with pylon signs, we are here to assist you. You can resort to illuminated road sign boxes to get 24/7 exposure for your business. Depending on your company’s needs, you can customize the steel cabinets of the signs with your desired shape and size. Besides this, you can also choose whether you want permanent channel letters for the signboard or settle for standard interchangeable sign faces.

To ensure that your pylon signs are gaining that extra bit of prominence amongst the humungous pool of competition, you can opt for multi-layered signs with neon lighting or LED that complement the pedantic craftsmanship of the artistic signage.

  • Tenant signs

If you do not have enough funds to spend on an illuminated pylon sign, you can settle for the low-key tenant sign covering the same spectrum of functionality, only at a much lesser price. Kachina Sign Center delivers top-notch, full color, digital prints with customized designs that would exclusively suit the requirements of your company. The fact that we can help you fashion vibrant and appealing pylon signs that might later turn into familiar landmarks in your area cannot be steered away.

  • Weather-proof outdoor pylon signs

Another noteworthy concern that can pop up in your mind regarding the outdoor pylon signs is their durability and capacity to protect themselves from the whimsical harshness of the weather. Nonetheless, with our full-service sign company taking care of all your needs about signage, you can bid these worries goodbye! We have your best interests in heart, and owing to this, we make sure that everything we put together for you is weather-proof and hence, can remain unaltered for years to come. If you are curious about the options, then let us acquaint you with some; they are namely, steel, aluminum tubing, and aluminum extrusions, and for the sign faces, you can have channel letters, polycarbonate, vinyl, acrylic and many more.

Our experience and unparalleled craftsmanship in the realms of signage allow us to stand apart from the crowd. Kachina Sign Center is fully aware of how customized signage performs. Our professionals will assist you throughout the sign-making process commencing from designing and conceptualization to placement and installation, maintenance, and repair without any hidden charges attached to them.