Reasons to Have a Wall Logo and the Different Types

A brand’s image is critical in the business world. A strong image gives you a competitive edge and raises awareness. There are many ways to enhance your image, whether you are starting up or you want to remain significant. One of these methods is using wall logos in your offices. They are of different types and how the design turns out depends on the creativity of the installer. In Tucson AZ, we have years of experience giving businesses a new look with new logo designs and spicing up the same logo to appear unique. Our ability to perform is what you should look forward to upon trusting us to deliver.

Before delving deeper into the topic, you ought to know that wall logos keep the customers, both new and old, at ease. While waiting to be served, they see a well-designed logo and their trust in the company to assist them in their endeavors increases. Even before you sit down with a prospect customer, they already believe you are the solution to their problem. Who doesn’t want such an image? No one.

Another reason wall logos are necessary is that they display professionalism. Look at it this way, a well-maintained wall logo is a display of the company’s services. You know they are professional when people take a first look at their logo like in the case of 3D metallic logos.
Now that we are on the same page, the remaining thing to do is to pick a design that suits your business. We deal in different types including;

3D wall logos

These are the most commonly used logos, as they are bold and strong. They come in variations of materials, style, and lighting. The metallic ones are popular, and if you want to spruce it up, you can use LED lit logos.

Wall murals

In this type, we can say it acts as the centerpiece of the office reception. Not much is needed in this apart from matching it up with the walls painted to avoid color clashing and raising questions among clients.

Wall graphics

The company’s colors are used to create nice graphics, and if space allows, some images can be added about the company.

For any logo designs and type we have you covered. We pay attention to what the business does and what you want us to include in the logo. For logo touch-ups, we can as well lift the company’s image through this. The bottom line, however, is that, with any wall logo, the result is the same as long as the design is unique and welcoming.