Removing wrinkles off your vinyl banners

Vinyl banners for advertising at times get wrinkles. These wrinkles on these vinyl banners are simply some lines on them. The lines can become extremely conspicuous making the banners appear much wrinkled. Today, these wrinkles on your banners can be removed. As such you do not need to worry about using wrinkled banners anymore. Below are some steps you can use to remove the wrinkles from your vinyl banners.

  1. Cleaning thoroughly

This is the first step that one needs to do. Cleaning the banner thoroughly is very essential after long storage of your banner. You banners become very dusty and washed out when they are away from the sun. Wiping off the excess dirt from your slightly dirty banner should be done using a soft and clean piece of cloth. In case the piece of cloth becomes soiled heavily, wash it using a mixture of water and soap. After washing it rinse it using clean water. Remember to be very cautious of harsh detergents when cleaning the banner. These detergents can damage the banner material.

  1. Properly storing the banner

Vinyl banners for advertising are very durable, however if not stored well can get damaged. The damage can be as a result of folding them and storing them in the basement, attic or in a cupboard. Not only will the folding make them dirty, but also cause lines and creases on the banners. These lines and creases become very difficult to smooth out especially if your banners are not in regular use. To prevent dirt, lines and creases, roll up the banners and place them away from light and heat of the sun. Do not store them near a furnace or a heating vent. You can place them in a box or use the packaging that the banners came in. Avoid folding of the banners instead roll them when not in use

  1. Using the sun

Old banners are usually very wrinkly. Before using these banners, you should smooth out the wrinkles by placing it outside in the sun. The heat for the sun is very essential in getting rid of the wrinkles. A hair dryer or an iron can also be used in removing this wrinkles.Be very careful while using these hot items on the banners. When using an iron, ensure the vinyl is not in direct contact with the iron. This is because the vinyl burns easily.

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