Repairing your vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are very durable. This is because they are made of vinyl which is known to be very strong. This vinyl is usually coated in sprays that are weather resilient. It is also hemmed thus ensuring that it lasts longer. A banner can be damaged even if you stored it properly. These banners are usually displayed outside or used inside for example vinyl birthday banners personalized for you. Some of the ways that a banner can get damaged include fading, tears and some other minor troubles. Most companies are using a lot of effort in maintaining their banners properly. In case your banner is damaged visit Kachina sign center or their website for that professional repair of your banner.

Today, there are some very many ways of fixing vinyl signs and banners. These are quick and very easy. However, this depends on what originally caused the damage and where the damage is on your banner. Below are some tips on how you can fix your damaged vinyl banners before seeking professional help.

  1. Grommets are the most common issues that require addressing in the banners. These are the metal pieces that cover the holes where your ropes pass when displaying the banner. The grommets prevent the tearing of these holes thus causing damage. Fixing a grommet requires you to replace it. This is very easy process that requires you to have tools such as new grommets, plies and rubber mallet. The first thing is removing the damaged grommet using the plies. Then line up the new grommet so that it sandwiches the vinyl sign. Finally use the rubber mallet in securing it in place.

Even distribution of the weight and using all the grommet holes; are some of the ways to avoid losing grommets.

  1. A tear on the banner. This is a very simple and easy repair for you to do. Just get another piece of vinyl and tape it on the underside of your tear. You can use a specialty tape or strong glue to repair this tear. In case the tear is nearer to the hem, you should hem the banner again. This can be done by use of a sewing machine.

These are the two common damages that can occur on your banners. Proper care is the only way you can keep your banners in pristine condition. Taking good care of your banners will ensure that you use them for many more years to come. Store your banners well and clean them regularly so as to avoid some of these damages.