Retail Signs & Point of Purchase Graphics

Many companies invest plenty of resources trying to get potential clients into their store. Ironically, studies show that it is while in the store that about three-quarters of customers decide on whether to purchase. For this reason, having a point of purchase signage in place, you can have them make decisions in your favor. At Kachina Sign Center, we’ll design retail signs and point of purchase graphics which will increase sales in your business. So what are these graphics?

A point of purchase display is a form of advertising that can be found next to the product you are promoting. These products are often located at the checkout area or any other location where the customer is tasked with making a purchase decision. This tool is often underutilized but can work wonders for a business.

Next, let’s review effective use point of purchase graphics to your advantage:

Be straightforward

Before you design the message on the signage, you have to be aware that you have limited time to persuade the customer (around 5 seconds). As such, it pays to make the message simple and straight to the point with a clear and understandable message.


The message has to be persuasive. You can achieve this by using ‘shouting’ colors, text and by positioning the sign right, you will come up with a bold presentation that makes your case.


Nowadays, businesses everywhere are trying to capture the attention of passersby to get them to deal in their wares. In order to accomplish this, your signage has to be unique. This calls for creativity. And it doesn’t help that retail customers nowadays are becoming aware of advertising messages and they will expect some form of entertainment from the images, text, and layout presented to them. This is the more reason to be creative.


Finally, it goes without saying that your point of signage has to be purposeful to drive your customers into buying your merchandise. You can do this by defining why you need the signage in the first place before embarking on the project. By having the purpose down, you will make it easy to get into the whole process of designing and installing the signage.

With all that in place, you should be on your way to increasing your Return-on-Investment. Contact us at Kachina Sign Center where we will guide you in the process of identifying the ideal retail signs and point of purchase signage for your business.