Revamping your Image: Sign Repair & Maintenance

Whether you realize it or not, your sign is reflection of your company’s image. The quality and condition of your sign tells costumers about the care and attention your business puts into your products. If your sign is outside, it may be exposed to the elements the seasons, storms, and weather bring. Inside, maintenance may be less frequent, but should still be considered. If you take the steps of regularly keeping up your sign, you will be less likely to bring it in for repairs. Here are some tips for making sure your sign is a shining beacon of light, attracting costumers and reflecting your company well, instead of a worn down eyesore.

Know your material

Depending on what your sign is made of may determine the materials you use to clean it. In general you should avoid abrasive sponges and materials, high pressure washes, and mixing cleaning solutions, which may cause a chemical reaction. For acrylic signs, use a soft cloth with a mild detergent that is thoroughly wrung out. Do not use paper towels to clean these signs. For painted signs, consider using car shampoo which contains wax to seal in color and protect your sign.

Don’t save it for spring cleaning

The more frequently you clean your signs, the less likely they will need repairs. Making a time every three months, as the seasons change, to thoroughly clean and inspect signs is wise. With harsher weather and conditions, this should increase to monthly checks. Especially electrical signs need to be checked frequently to ensure their wiring is being properly maintained. Checking for bulb replacements and outages should also be part of your monthly, or even weekly, inspection. Also look for cracks in your sign, even a hairline crack can escalate quickly if not taken care of quickly.

Talk to your sign expert

The most important step to remember is talking to your sign expert. Your sign not only reflects your company, but their services as well. They want to make sure your sign is in top condition, and will most likely know the particulars of what cleaning products should be used with which materials. At Kachina Sign Center, you can opt into a yearly plan maintenance plan that guarantees your sign is working. You can also use us as a resource for regular up keep of your signs.

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