Selecting the best color combination for your signage

The business signage is the first line of advertisement that will customers find when looking for the company’s products and services. Different colors affect the customers’ psychology and the possibility of remembering the advertisement.

It is good to choose about two business colors from which to layer other graphics and designs. Forget about your personal favorite colors and look for something that will make your signage effective.

Consider the right color combination for the appropriate level of brand visibility. You can contrast, a light color front on a dark background or a dark color on a light foreground. This draws viewers to the signage. However, you should ensure that the background or the graphics do not overpower the actual message in the signage.

Warm colors tend to make people feel more enthusiastic, relaxed, and vibrant. The feeling makes people want to linger around. This is great for the brand, as people will have time to read what has been written there.

You can have layers of warm colors on the custom window carefully intertwined in a signage as explained by Kachina Signs Center. The colors should also be in your custom vehicle wraps and custom window decals to get you more visibility.

Examples of best choices of colors

McDonalds has used yellow and a fiery red to create a ‘happy meal’ and stimulate appetite in the people that view their banner.

IBM has used blue to create business confidence. Purples are also used to show royalty and reliability in a company’s brand.

Starbucks use the green color to show healthy eating. Green is also used to depict environmentally friendly solutions. It can be used in healthy foods and environ-friendly chemicals, machinery and hardware.

Apart from showing royalty, pink is also used to depict love, romance and sexy. It can be used for beauty products, jewelry, spas, beauty treatments, and romance-related products.

White is a neutral color along with black. Black on white and vice versa look professional and simple. In fact, black on white has a high contrast and thus better visibility. Other good color combinations include blue-orange color combination, purple yellow, blue-white, purple-white, yellow-black and many more.

When you have chosen the right color, ensure that the lettering is visible in the colors and strategically placed in the advertising. This will ensure that the people do not just view the graphics but also get the message in the advertisement.