Selecting trade show displays for your brand

Are you looking for way to have your brand out there in the market during various events in the neighborhood? Trade displays are what you need. The events are attended by lots of people and present an opportunity for potential clients to see and feel the brand.

There are several types of trade displays depending on the use, portability and the product for which you advertise. Here are few types of displays that you can choose.


Custom banners may be printed from mesh, canvas, vinyl or any other materials. You may have a retractable banner or a backlit banner of any shape. The cost of banners is a fraction of the cost of putting a billboard. You can use the banners to reinforce other types of media and increase efficiency of your advertising budget.

Color graphics

Color graphics may be printed on canvas and pasted some hard material such as wood or metallic sheet for display. They can be put on the walls, rails by the roadside and as signboards.

Safety and construction signage

If you are a construction firm, a road safety firm or any other firm that is engaging in outdoor activities, you may use the safety signs to let people know about your brand. The signage is also important in providing vital operations and safety information to the visitors and employees.

Trade show booths

Trade show booths should be branded at all points to ensure maximum brand visibility. The booth and the table should be adorned with the brand colors. It is also good to have backdrops, tabletops and custom banners in the booth or near the booth.

Ceiling displays and suspended banners

If the event is going to take place in a room, you may have ceiling display and banners that are suspended from the roof. They come in handy when there is little room for the display purposes.

Tension fabric displays

These displays have aluminum extrusions and poles and a fabric that that is stretched on both sides. The fabric is printed beforehand. These displays can be shaped in different ways to give the shape of your product or form of service.

Always get qualified signage companies to do your graphics. As Kachina signs Center explains, the quality of graphics supersedes the fancy display that you have. If the potential clients do not get the message or the brand in good light, your choice of display will not make the impact that you wanted.