Sign Visibility Tips

At Kachina Sign Center, we not only make your signs but we also pay attention to quality and readability. For most people, this is usually the number one signage mistake they make. They overlook how a sign will look like at a distance. For this reason, it is a good idea to ask for a professional’s help to avoid spending time and money on the wrong sign. For those who feel confident about making their signs, we have some full proof pointers that we would like to share with you.

Font size

The size of the letters matters most in your signs. You can have a plain text but as long as it’s readable, it serves its purpose. The rule-of-thumb in letter sizes is; one-inch letter size has the best impact at 10 feet. This is the optimal distance. However, at 100 feet, the letters are still visible. A universal sign letter visibility chart is used as a guide which is as follows:

Letter Height Optimal Viewing Distance Maximum Distance
3″ 30′ 100′
4″ 40′ 150′
6″ 60′ 200′
8″ 80′ 350′
9″ 90′ 400′
10″ 100′ 450′
12″ 120′ 525′
15″ 150′ 630′
18″ 180′ 750′
24″ 240′ 1000′
30″ 300′ 1250′
36″ 360′ 1500′
42″ 420′ 1750′
48″ 480′ 2000′
54″ 540′ 2250′
60″ 600′ 2500′

Font color

Besides getting the letter sizes correct, you will want to pay attention to the color of the letters and the background. Contrasting colors have the best outcome and the rule to follow here is, dark color letters work well in the light-colored background and the vice versa is also true. Thus, use black letters on a white or yellow background, yellow and white letters on a black background, white letters on a green background, blue letters on white backgrounds and so on. These combinations offer a good read even at a distance. While on the topic of color, keep in mind the lighting conditions to avoid causing discomforts to the viewer.

Font style

When adding beauty to your signs, always avoid decorative fonts.  Unless you increase their sizes significantly, they aren’t legible from a distance. The recommended font type and the ones we mostly use are the sans serif and serif fonts. Their variations are also readable.

Sign location

After considering all the above, you need to know where to place your sign as well. Those signs perpendicular to the viewer are more visible than those that are parallel.

These are the basics of signage visibility. From the visibility chart to the sign placement, ensure you attain readability at maximum distance.