Simple ways to make your vinyl car graphics last

The durability of your car vinyl graphics depends on the color, application brand and the geographic location position of the company. Here are a few tips to get your vinyl car graphics to stay longer looking good.

Use high performance cast vinyl

Only go for the best high performance cast vinyl from reputable brands. This type has the best conformability when it is being installed and has the longest durability rating compared to the rest. Leading signage companies such as Kachina Signs Center are already using it.

Have the vehicle surface prepared well in advance

It is crucial to have the surface of the vehicle prepared before installing your graphics. If there is any polish or wax on the surface, the vinyl will stick on them rather than the surface of the vehicle. This will shorten the lifespan of your graphics. During preparation, use a degreaser such as rubbing alcohol or liquid dish soap to remove the wax. After cleaning with the alcohol, pain water can be used for installation.

Keep the vinyl clean

The vinyl worst enemy is not the sun. Dirt and pollution in the air messes your graphics faster than the heat. The dirt gives your graphics rust like effect on the vehicle’s lamination. This is the effect of the dust with the water.

The best way to avoid this is by washing the car regularly. You can also use the instant detail spray after dusting it off.

Wax the vinyl graphics   

If the vinyl graphics are in form of high gloss stripes, you should wax them. Wax by hand so as not to snag the edges with a buffer. The vehicle wraps can be waxed with your favorite vehicle wax. Liquid wax is the best as it does not leave you with the ugly marks at the edges.

If the vinyl finish is matte, waxing will give you less desirable results. It is better to use a spray detailer to keep the stripes clean.

 Avoid the pressure washers

The drive through washers and pressure washers may damage your car graphics. They may also make the paint peel. Take your car to a hand was and have it cleaned without unnecessary high pressure that damages its exterior.

Having your vinyl graphics professionally installed also ensures that there are no air bubbles hidden under the surface. This in turn ensures that that the lettering stays in place for long. Enjoy cool graphics and vinyl graphics advertising