Smart Park: Keeping up ADA Regulations in Your Lot

ADA-signsYour parking lot is one of the first things your costumer encounters when coming to your business. While it’s easy to focus on your storefront sign first, making sure your American with Disabilities Act signs are visible and clear helps create an inclusive environment for your costumers. Knowing not only what is required for your ADA signs, but how to make them useful for your costumers speaks volumes about how your business cares. Clearly marked ADA spots will not only help those who use them, but will also give every costumer clarity on where to park.

Mark the spot

Whether you’re re-striping a parking lot, or just getting started, you need to ensure your lot has the very least the required amount of ADA accessible spaces. These parking spots are classified by size and space allotted between cars. For lots with 25 spaces and fewer, one accessible parking spot with at least a 96 inch wide access aisle is required for van-accessibility. As your parking lot grows, more spaces with a 60 inch aisle clearance will be required. Van accessible spaces must be marked with a “van accessible,” sign. All spots must be on level ground. Click here for a chart with details about the ratio of spaces required per lot size.

Keeping up to code

The most recent ADA regulations were set up in 2010. If your facility was up to code before these regulations were put into place-don’t fret. There is a safe harbor clause that protects you until re-striping or reconstruction is done. Along with having the correct amount of spaces, make sure your spaces are the correct size. They must be eight feet wide for cars and eleven feet for vans. There must be an access aisle which is five feet wide for car and van spaces. A sign with the international sign for accessibility must be placed five feet above the ground, with van spaces specified.

Making sure your lot is open to all will help your business thrive and welcome every costumer. To make sure your signs are done within regulation and are durable and visible, visit Kachina Sign Center in Tucson. With an automatic router, they can print out your sign order in no time.