Spreading the Word: Church Signs

Everyone is looking for a sign, some can find it driving by a church on the side of the road. Church signs have become a special niche craft, known for their play on words, uplifting quotes, and witticism that cause drivers to pause for a moment of silence. There are many ways your congregation you use signs in order for people to hear their higher calling. It’s important to remember what your church stands for, and to evaluate how you are presenting your message. Here are some ways you can use church signs to spread the love.

Keep it simple

Despite differences in creed, the one thing church’s have in common is that they all have an open invitation. Unlike businesses, your church’s doors never truly close. Your church sign is a way to let passersby know first and foremost, when they can attend service, the name of the church, and any contact information. Secondly, it can include any updates and a welcoming message. Remember to keep the essential information clear and prominent and not to get too carried away with word play. It is a good idea to use a sign that can easily be updated, such as a digital screen or quick-change sign system.

Let there be light

Adding a light-up component to your church sign lets people know your church is a safe place for your congregation and beyond 24 hours a day. If lighting up your sign doesn’t fit into your church’s budget, try adding pops of color and bold lettering that can easily be spotted from the road. Try choosing an overall look that complements your church’s exterior. Placing multiple signs for parking, and to guide visitors to the front door can also “light the path” for newbies.

Gather the community

Being aware of how your message will be received by a multitude of perspectives in your community is always wise. As a church, you are constantly welcoming in people. The last thing you want to do is to have people decide not to come into your doors based on what your sign says. Take care in presenting your message truthfully, without getting caught up in the church sign wars. A little word play to catch passersby’s attention is good, but don’t let it be your sole focus.

Check out some clever sign ideas here.  And for more information on how to create a welcoming church sign, contact Kachina Sign Center in Tucson.