Standing out from the Crowd with Commercial Building Signs

As the capital of Pima County, Tucson is home to numerous commercial buildings that house a vast number of businesses and organizations. These businesses also mean they are potential customers for hundreds of commercial building signs. With such a crowded sign-scenery attracting customers dramatically depends on the uniqueness of commercial building signs. Businesses should consider many factors to enhance the attractiveness and uniqueness of their signs.

Immediate Business Environment

The immediate environment within which a business operates could inform the type and design of signs that the business uses. For example, a sign for a company located in a busy area would require more creativity than a shop in a less competitive neighborhood.

Signage Placement

The location/placement of commercial building signage has a significant impact on the visibility of the signage. Ideally, businesses should ensure their signs are located away from obstructions and facing maximum traffic. Companies could even enhance their profile by using two-sided commercial building signs. That aside, businesses should factor in the size and height of the signage.


Businesses use commercial building signs to communicate specific messages to customers and potential clients. However, to ensure that their signs stand out, companies should be careful in the way they use text on their signs. Experts suggest keeping signage text brief and concise. The size of lettering, as well as the fonts and typeface on the sign, should be considered. Nonetheless, businesses should avoid using overly-complicated or overly-basic typography, as these may harm visibility and readability.


The fourth factor to consider when developing highly differentiated commercial building signs is color. Color is especially important in enhancing the contrast of the building sign, which in turn increases the readability of the sign. At Kachina Sign Centre, we recommend using dark colors on light backgrounds or light colors on dark backgrounds. Using signs with one color is not recommended. Using too many colors could potentially be distractive to potential and existing customers. The building’s color and design are important, as well as the placement of the sign. A good building sign should complement the aesthetics of the building.


The material used on commercial building signs greatly impacts the aesthetics and visibility of the sign. Additionally, the material used on building signs has an influence on the longevity of the signs.

Choose an Ideal Signage Company

The uniqueness and visibility of building signs also depend on the quality of the signage-work. Here at Kachina Sign Center, our main objective is to develop distinct and highly visible building signs, ensuring that they do not fade into the crowd.