Table cover comparison

If you have attended an event or show, you must have noticed that table covers feature a lot. However, do you know the essence of these covers? There are numerous products used to cover tables with the most popular ones being table throws, table runners, and stretch table covers. However, each of these table covers has a distinctive feature, and these features can be capitalized on to ensure your table cover is a useful marketing tool.
Unlike tablecloths which are designed for decorative purposes and protecting the table, professional table covers are for marketing and advertising purposes. Table covers are high-quality material that allows repeated usage. That said, herein an overview of the most popular table covers adopted by most organizations.

Table Throws

Table throws are, arguably, the most common table covers courtesy of their ability to cover the whole table. Table throws are mostly available in two sizes, which include 6 foot and 8 foot. Also, table throws have hemmed corners which ensure that they correctly it around the edges of the table. This feature enhances the professional appearance and at the same time offers a loose fit that is snug. Moreover, table throws to provide a considerable design surface that allows you to customize all five sides of the table throw surface.

Table runners

Table runners are simple but still serve the intended purpose. These narrow strips of fabric do not cover the whole table, but they still are a useful advertising/marketing tool. Table runners are available in different widths ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches wide, and the various widths provide an opportunity to determine the size of your design. Although table runners are effective in trade events, they are also a perfect fit for casual occasions, as they will help in conveying the intended message.

Stretch table covers

Just as the name suggests, stretch table covers are stretchable, unique and fancy. These table covers made from polyester tension fabrics that perfectly fit on the frame of the table. Besides, the reinforced pockets at the bottom of the table legs ensure the stretch table cover firmly fits on the table or perfect display of the message. Furthermore, these covers cover to ensure that the back of the table is open to allow natural retrieving and storage of items. The design on the cover wraps around the table to provide an incredible visual effect.

Table covers are no doubt a reliable marketing tool for any event. However, the type of protection you settle for will primarily be decided by the magnitude of the message and the visual effects you might want to introduce.