Temporary Event Signs

Use of temporary event signs has increased in the recent past. Primarily, the yellow and black signs on the highways help promote various events taking place in a state. Use of temporary event signs depends highly on the location as well as the length of time particular signs are in a specific area. Notably, temporary event signs ought to be erected for the purpose of road safety as well as management functions. In fact, they must be built to provide directions in clarity to all those attending an event and also help reduce the challenges of congestion. Realistically, these signs ought not to be used for advertisement or event promotion. The following guidelines are very crucial:


Individuals should ensure they understand the policies that outline the criteria used to control temporary event sign in a specific state.

Sign manufacture

It is only the company that meets the standards relating to traffic signs regulations that will be allowed to erect signs on highways. As such, it’s beneficial to employ a company that is well recognized by the temporary management traffic in the manufacturing of temporary event signs. Make sure the sign company has significant documents such as the insurances, certifications. Notably, these documents allow the company to be in a position to erect as well as remove temporary signs on the highway.

Submissions for approval

Consent to erect a temporary event sign is fundamental especially on the highways either on roads or on the footway. Therefore, be sure you fully understand the criteria that are set in the policy. For such details, reach us through our website, or you can contact us by sending a mail, and we will give the necessary assistance you may require from us. We have a team with high levels of expertise, and best customer service is our core. Further, we offer cost-effective solutions for all events. Your contact name, telephone number, and address, the name of the company among other information is significant while seeking submission of the proposals.

Always, ensure you submit all the sign proposals for approval in advance before the event takes place.

In conclusion, temporary event signs are one of the best ways to reach people and communicate a particular message. However, making a choice on which company to employ to assist in erecting your temporary signs is vital. The authenticity of the company is an ingredient that guarantees effective use of temporary signs. All sign proposals must be submitted for approval before the event takes place. Contact Kachina Sign Center today.