The Evolution of Signage…….

I’m reminded of a customer that started out needing a banner for their first tradeshow and street fair events. Then they made eight more banners for their distributors to use at their shows. Within a year or two they had evolved into needing a location (a building) with a sign on the front for their business. Five years later, they wanted to really make a mark that went coast to coast, so they devised an ad campaign which included a formal tradeshow display booth with a company photo in backlights, a huge sign across the top, and it stopped the show! It was collapsible and would be shipped in to events all over the country.

Don’t Jump The Gun!

They never had any idea in the beginning where their marketing of products would end up taking them. They went where the market drove them to show their presence. They evolved their signage to include banners, a building, formal tradeshow booths, and also did custom promotional ‘give-a-ways’ including canvas tote bags with their logo, name and product name graphically imprinted on them.

This demonstrates that starting small and letting your market take you on a journey of evolution going where it will, is very important to avoid making mistakes and then causing the need to redirecting your signage from ways that don’t serve you.

Custom Graphic Artist on Staff

Maybe you already have a logo, but then “maybe not.”  Maybe you are ready for a change. Our custom Graphic Artist on Staff can work with you, give you options and ideas, to help fine tune your identity, BRANDING. This needs to include your logo, company name, and/or product/services company purpose. You will be included in choosing the graphic work that appeals to you. We have the technology to save and store your work in archives so that when you come back and want to move to another level, or make changes as you grow, we can retrieve all work that you started with to further build on it.

You can’t believe the importance of having your graphics stored in a safe place, in safe hands. Possibly for your website, vehicle wrap, building sign, larger banner, printed material, and the list goes on. This is an asset to your company with your colors, logo, and company persona that will be your identity for many years to come.

Let us go to work for you, from the beginning or along the way.