The meaning of a Brand….

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[fusion_text]When I think of the word “brand” I am reminded of how it was used “in the olden days” when cowboys and farmers would brand their livestock. They had to design a “branding iron” specifically registered to them, and then they seared that brand somewhere VISIBLE on the animal. They were staking their claim to not only the animal but the brand as well.

Often that brand became the name of their ranch. People recognized their identity by this brand. I think maybe this began a theme that we now call advertising, marketing or branding.

You can see that creating an image and/or a name that people come to know is critical for a business. It needs to be individual, unique, special and researched to make sure it does not encroach on other brands out there. In today’s world there are search engines like google that help with this process, particularly in terms of wording or text.

Trademarking— another word for survival!

Once you find the name that you research and are ready to proceed as your brand name recognition, you should consider Trademarking it (particularly in common-law practice) to start the eventual process of full Trademarking.[/fusion_text]


What’s At Stake?

In the beginning it may not seem like such a big deal, but time and again, it can become a war of dominating the internet. People use the internet to find YOU. And the more unique your identity is, the more they will be able to connect with you. Your decision of your company name will probably be THE most important decision you will make. Traffic from your customers will either be channeled to you or shared by you with other ‘look-a-likes’ if your name does not become your identifiable brand.

“One name” Brands work best!

Most of the time a one name brand is the best way to go. We can explain all the reasons that support this statement. Madonna, Trump, Oprah, Fox, Comcast, Revlon, Disney, Apple, Elvis, show examples of how less is more.

Your graphic will become your Icon.

Follow this choice of a company or business name with a custom graphic that grabs the public’s attention and helps identify you even if they can’t remember your name. Our custom created graphics can be applied in all formats for your choices as you grow.[/fusion_text]