Tips to building effective outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is all around us. As opposed to use of mass media channels and the internet, outdoor advertising is always around and potential clients see it repeatedly. Unfortunately, the outdoors especially in the urban centers are overcrowded with all sorts of advertising that potential clients seem to turn a blind eye on many          of them.

Here are basic principles to ensure that your outdoor campaign sells.

Be mean with the words

Vehicle wraps, car vinyl graphics, billboards and window decals are all seen by people on the move. They do not have the time to stand and read paragraphs. Make the advertising as short as possible while keeping the message compelling.

Avoid irreverent images 

If any image is not part of the message, keep it away from your message. Moreover, avoid cluttering the advertising with lots of images such that it loses its focus. As for the car wraps, and vinyl graphics cut down on pictures and use images instead.

Never use bright crazy colors inappropriately

Crazy colors can be used in outdoor advertising but should never be misused. Putting some crazy mix on your outdoor display will not make people look at them. The choice could also work against your brand. Make a careful selection of colors to bring the subtle messages such as perfect, reliable, professional and so forth.

Use one point of contact

If the advertisement includes the street address, phone number and directions to your office consider putting a single office contacts. If the ad is great, the main office will direct potential clients to other offices.

Forget about calligraphy  

Do not use the funny looking graphics on your outdoor ads. The more they look flowery, the more they are hard to read. Keep it simple and legible. Well-designed letters also send a message that you are organized and professional.

Go for quality

Do not cut corners and use a cheap vinyl car graphics or some poor window decals. Do not use the generic content and slogans that everybody is using. This will make you look as if you are part of the general clutter.

Instead, use high quality materials that have been professionally designed and installed. Several reputable graphics companies such as Kachina Signs Center can have the job done perfectly.

 A call to action is in a must

You do not have to include a call to action in your displays. Your entire ad is a call to action. Generate a buzz and let clients buy into it without tell them to call now!