Tips for Design and Placement of Signs

A sign will not work effectively for you unless it is placed in a strategic position where people can quickly view and recognize it. The positioning of your sign and its readability or visibility also depends on the design of the sign. Design and placement of the sign play an integral part in enabling viewers to understand what you are trying to put across easily. For maximum readability and visibility, a sig must be easy to detect, easy to read, understandable and exposed. Here are tips for design and placement of signs:

Designing a sign

Designing a sign involves many elements, for example, the logo, the fonts, colors, readability, and the traffic patterns. To get a useful sign, you need to hire a professional sign designer who understands all the essential elements. Apart from coming up with a beautiful design, other factors must be considered. Factors like the size, placement, lighting, and others must be considered before coming up with a particular sign design. If you choose to use a sign company or professional, you need to effectively communicate to them about all these for them to come up with a sign that will work effectively for you.

Sign placement

The position where you place your sign determines whether the sign will be seen or read by viewers. Sign placement reason why you will find that certain signs are placed strategically by the roadside, while others are set as billboards, and others on walls outside the business premise. You can also use window graphics, awnings, tented signs to enhance the visibility of your business.

Sign dimensions

For proper visibility and legibility, it is a good idea to consider the dimensions and the overall size of your sign. A small sign with plain typography and no graphics will not be sufficient. The size of your sign is essential in ensuring that the viewers and customers are able to see and read what you are trying to pass across. It is vital to seek the services of a professional sign designer for you to know what will work for you and what will not.

Sign illumination

Some business owners think that sign illumination is a complete waste of resources especially electricity. A well-lit sign allows the viewers to be able to see and read the message at any time of the day, whether night or day and in any type of weather. Illumination also advertises your business even when you are closed. Today’s sign lighting systems are designed not to use a lot of power, and they are durable. Therefore, you should not worry about the sign using a lot of power.

As you can see, the design and placement of signs are critical in ensuring that the sign is effective and provides a return on investment.