Tips for the Best Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Many recommend mobile advertising for its reach; however, mobile advertising is also expensive with a potential reach of millions. Small businesses, especially, benefit more from such, therefore, must invest in it. Despite the advantages, one should take into consideration a couple of things for vehicle graphics and wraps to work. If not, your efforts are futile. Keep in mind that mobile advertising through vehicle wraps and graphics has become popular, so you need to stand out. Kachina Sign Center creates mobile wraps. We do not compromise on the quality and effectiveness of this type of advertising. How we do it is by paying attention to:

The vehicle space

The space available dictates the size of the wraps, what to include, and how much graphics to include. If space is limited, sticking to the basics (i.e., contact information and services offered) is the best option. It’s simple yet effective. For bigger spaces, include images and other graphics.

The font size and type

One of the most significant factors to consider in vehicle wraps and graphics is their readability. Your audience should be able to capture your information even when the vehicle is on the move. Consequently, avoid small font sizes and decorative font types. More importantly, contact and address details should be written and distinguishable from any other content you may include.

You brand concept

Wraps and graphics must include brand concepts. After that, everything else falls into place. This is to say that you should stick to the services offered and the brand’s image and objectives. Use images that speak of your brand and what customers can expect. The content should be relevant to invite people to your brand.


Another factor that contributes to readability is the positioning of your graphics and wraps. It should be somewhere people do not have to strain to read. Not too high or too low, and not on slanted angles. The best placement is the side of the vehicles and sometimes the back if the conditions are right.

Competitor’s wraps

It is one thing to vehicle wrap; it is another to be unique. Therefore, looking into your competitor’s vehicle wraps and graphics helps you discover how to be unique. If there is no distinctive difference, then your audience will be confused by the brands and will not tell you apart.

These are what we look at when clients approach us with vehicle wrap and graphics jobs. They are necessarily the guidelines every business should follow for optimal legibility and effectiveness.