Tips to maintaining your vinyl banners

Use of vinyl banners and stickers is a very easy and effective way of advertising and marketing your business. They can be used in advertising of special events for example sales or launch of new products. These banners are reusable and as such you should take good care of them. Below are some of the maintenance tips of vinyl banners.

A. Hanging them wisely

A banner should be hanged against a building. This is the best place since it is protected against damage from the wind. In case a banner is hang freely, ensure that you affix two strong stakes. It should be stretched and a little sag left so as to allow wind pressure. Your banners should also have air vents so as to allow wind pass through. You should weave the rope or your string within the grommets. This will ensure that no areas in your banners bear all the wind and weight. The grommets should be well spaced so that the weight is evenly distributed.

B. Correct cleaning of the banner

Your banners should be cleaned before you store them. Cleaning should also be done periodically as the banners get dirt while hanging. You should use a mixture of warm water and mild soap when cleaning. Avoid using of alcohol based, oil based or solvents when cleaning your banners. This is because they can cause damage to your vinyl. Clean the banners using a sponge which is non-abrasive and then remember to rinse the banner with clean water. After cleaning the banner, let it dry completely. This will help in getting rid of moisture which can cause mildews and stains to the banner.

C. Prompt repairs of the banner

Tears are the most common kind of damage to your banners. Shops like Kachina Sign C enter offer these repairs and even reinforce these minor tears using vinyl. Visit their website on  .Remember to also install grommets so as to minimize future tears. Other minor tears can be repaired by the use of a vinyl repairing tape. Peeling or flaking lettering should also be replaced.

D. Proper storage

Never fold the banners when storing them. They should be rolled so as to avoid creases and wrinkles. The graphics should face out while you roll the banner for storage. In case you feel the graphics might become damaged, place a white clean piece of sheet over these graphics before you roll it. Avoid heat since it can damage the vinyl. Store the banner in room temperature conditions.

All these are some of the tips you can use in maintaining your vinyl banners.