Tips to Get 3D Effects on Lobby Signs

You might have observed the large 3D lobby signs while visiting the offices of some companies in Tucson. They might have captured your attention in photographs, and you are wondering about how to get such signs installed in your office.

Well, the process is pretty simple, and it will surely enhance the overall appeal of your office.

You may find several service sign companies in Tucson that can install lobby signs; however, to make a strong first impression on visitors, you should look for customized designs. The most preferred idea is following 3D effects for your lobby signs as they look unique and stunning.

Why are 3D Signs a more valuable choice for your lobby?

3D effects lead to some artistic creations that require the least efforts on wall decor and still look elegant. You can highlight them better by using lighting around in a more attractive manner. The dimensional letters maintain higher depth so that they can present a unique ambiance of the office. There is no need to add any more artwork to set the mood of that wall in the lobby.

Now, some of you might be eager to know how to create that effect? Well, it can be implemented in all settings.

How to create a unique 3D effect?

The elegance of the 3D lobby sign usually varies with the choice of material. When you choose flat acrylic material for the marker, it may show a negligible 3D effect. However, in case if you prefer acrylic laminate mounted to the interior foam, it can easily enhance the appeal of the lobby sign by adding around 2-inch depth; it can be more as per your design.

You can make selections out of a broad range of depths; the overall look depends on polished steel laminates, brushed aluminum, and painted acrylic. It is possible to further improve the appeal by using a clear acrylic block mounted on the wall. This idea can lead to a dramatic effect with a floating look of the 3D effect.

How to get the 3D effect for the lobby signs now?

The best way to get 3D effects to your lobby signs is to take help from experienced professionals at Kachina Sign Center. We are ready to visit your office for site evaluation. Our team also evaluates the atmosphere at the target location and can suggest you the right material accordingly. We also give prime consideration to the décor, furniture colors around so that you can avail of more professional appeal.

There are plenty of sizing options that our design experts can suggest as per your lobby area. We can also guide you about depth and illumination to enhance the overall impact of 3D lobby signs. Some business professionals in Tucson prefer to add these signs to the wall behind the receptionist’s desk. Still, in actuality, it is more fruitful to choose a side wall where the clients can directly observe your logo sign.