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But are you still wondering if banners are still relevant in advertising in Tucson, AZ?    

With advancements in digital advertising technology, many people presume that banners are an old-fashioned method of advertising. This assumption is wrongly reached when bringing in contrast banner advertising with digital advertising. But contrary to this hasty assumption, traditional marketing strategies such as banner advertising are an effective way to boost a company’s performance both online and offline.

Here are some reasons why banners are still useful in advertising:

Banners have a better return on investment (ROI). You place them once, but you reap the profit for days, weeks and months. Although they are cheaper and don’t cost a good deal of money, banners establish your brand, providing you with long-lasting recognition.

Local Marketing: Banners are effective outdoor ads for local and small businesses in Tucson. Do you know that 78% of mobile searches lead to offline purchases? Most purchases are inspired by signage such as vinyl banners.

Banners are more memorable than any other form of ads, as people are visual creatures. Therefore, a sign is more memorable than a slogan.

Banner ads have a 70% conversion rate.

As a custom signs company based in Tucson, AZ, Kachina Signs Center™ will deliver you an effective custom banner that will boost your local business. If you want to increase your sales or establish your brand name, a banner is an effective advertising strategy that you can use in combination with other advertising strategies to yield more profit and achieve enduring recognition. If you want your business to gain more attention and flourish in Tucson, we can convince you that our Kachina Sign Center ™ is Tucson’s home of expertly, well-designed custom and vinyl banners.