Types of Channel Letter Signs: Which is best for Your Business?

Every business in Tucson, AZ requires an excellent visibility and exposure to thrive in this highly competitive business landscape. Whether you are running a restaurant, bar, hotel, plumbing, casino, theater, realtor or a clothing line, your business needs an inviting and vibrant signage. Giving your business an excellent corporate look through attention-grabbing business signs should be a priority rather than a luxury. Channel letter signs are a perfect choice for business owners in Tucson due to their effectiveness, extensive brand visibility, durability, energy efficiency and ease of customization. Interestingly, these customized 3D letter signs can be fabricated from aluminum, metal, acrylic or plastic and can be illuminated by LED modules or neon gas tubes.

What are the most popular types of channel letter signs?

1. Front Lit Channel Letters/ standard channel letters

Front lit /standard channel letters signs are customized to emit light from the front of the letters. They are popularly used by shopping centers and retail malls mainly due to their tremendous success. With the right customization, color choice, design, and mounting, front lit channel letters can take your company’s visibility and identity to a higher level. With that in mind, you cannot afford to gamble with your company’s signage if you want to stand out from the crowd. Let experts at Kachina Sign Center sort you out professionally and boost your chances of attracting new business opportunities through sleek commercial signage.

2. Reverse Lit channel letters/ halo-lit 

Unlike the front-lit channel letters, reverse-lit emit light from the back of your fabricated letters before deflecting to the wall among other mounting surfaces. With this kind of channel letters, each letter’s face must be covered carefully with aluminum whereas clear polycarbonate is used to cover the rear to prevent creepy intruders such as birds, insects, and bats from making homes inside those letters. Their halo effect and softer light are enough to give your business visibility in a sophisticated fashion.

3. Front/Back Lit

Are you looking for something special to give your business an outstanding signage? Front/ Backlit channel letters are a perfect option for those aiming to make a statement with their dramatic business signage. This type of channel letters signage is best known for illuminating a standard sleek lighting effect from the front and emitting a halo lighting effect from the back. These full LED signs minimum maintenance/repair requirements, cost-effectiveness, and environment-friendliness allow you to promote your brand in an unmatched and sophisticated manner to your target audience.

4. Open face channel letters

This type of channel letter signage is designed to provide a brighter neon lighting display for businesses. Unsurprisingly, open face channel letters are by far the brightest signage lighting providers as compared to others. These letters are excellent for those looking to create irresistible and colorful signage for their businesses.

5. Specialty channel letters 

Specialty channel letters are simply tailored to conform to an individual business owner’s special specifications. Unique features such as vibrant letter colors, dramatic colored LEDs, perforated designs and distinctive neon lights can be incorporated into this type of channel letters for a more eye-catching business signage. You can never go wrong with this powerful business marketing strategy.

Do you need help identifying the best channel letter signage for your business or organization? Get the best commercial signage deal from Kachina Sign Center Tucson, AZ for the success of your brand.