Types of Traditional Non-Electric Signs

There are two types of signs, electric and non-electric. All have the same desired effect. They bring in more customers, market your business, they are iconic and they are cheap advertising tools. However, when comparing the two, traditional non-electric signs are better in terms of energy and cost-saving. This is because you do not incur any electric bills. That said, businesses with tight budgets need this kind of signage and we are here to design and install them for you. There are different types to choose from which include;

Wall signs- Individual letters

These are the most common type of traditional non-electric signs that we see everywhere we go. They are basic yet they become the identity of your business. Whether placed on the interior or exterior of your premise, individual letters are bold and hard to miss. One should, however, use the right font size and type to ensure that the customers are comfortable with it and can be able to read. Another tip is to use durable materials (such as brass, steel or aluminum) for the external signs.

Banners, window and canopy signs

For this type, they are mostly one-story buildings. They help one locate the floor your offices are. Again, the font and color you choose should be geared towards increasing publicity and visibility. Choosing to hire professionals for the installation of these signs is highly recommended for not only the best outcome but for safety purposes as well.

POS signs

Short for point of sale/purchase, these signs are best used to drive sales. They should be placed at your storefront with information about new products, special offers, upcoming sales events, popular products and any other relevant information concerning your products and services. POS signs are not industry-specific and they draw in potential customers as well as your most loyal clients.

Directional signs

Customers are well adjusted to where their favorite store is. But it doesn’t cause any harm to add directional/ marker blades for those yet to discover you. Directional signs are also important in situations where businesses have relocated or you have just opened up your store or your store is in a business center. Whether you use arrows or text descriptions for your location, ensure people can find your store with ease.

These signs promise increased brand awareness, traffic, and sales but it is not guaranteed. You have to design the signs in a way that will attract customers and it shouldn’t be vague. So seek the help of experts who know the rules of business signage and have different tricks up their sleeves to create an irresistible sign.