How to personalize Your Vehicle

Isn’t it funny when you come out of the parking lot of the Tucson mall and there are four other cars that look just exactly like yours in the lot, so you wind up grabbing the handle and attempting to enter someone else’s car? Well it might not be funny if the alarm goes off, but once you collect your thoughts and realize this car isn’t yours it might hit you that you need to do something about that! Well one great way to do it is to put some sort of attractive vinyl decal, pin striping, or other design on your car so you can easily tell that it is in fact yours! Kachina Sign Center does this for lots of customers throughout Tucson. In fact, we even specialize in custom decals for show cars and hot rods! Just look at the picture to the right. Willard does this to his new vehicles upon purchasing them so that he can stand out from the crowd and easily find his ride. We can help you design your project, and then our staff will completely install these decals for you. It takes a lot less time that you might think! Contact us today!