Using Signage to Improve Conference Organization

Organizations often organize conferences to share knowledge, network, and even to develop and motivate employees. For all their benefits, however, meetings are often chaotic places. It is not uncommon to find attendees who have lost their way or who missed a conference talk due to confusion over time and location. One way for conference organizers to improve the conference experience for attendees is to use appropriate signage.

Different Uses of Conference Signage

Primarily, conference signage is used to inform attendees about the different conference events as well as to provide directional guidance to attendees. According to experts, conference signage should seek to answer four main questions; who, what, when, and when. However, that is not the only potential use of conference signage. Conference organizers can also use signage to create a jovial, friendly, and fun mood or atmosphere within the conference premises. Apart from that, businesses may use conference signage to enhance awareness of their brands.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Conference Signage

It is essential first to project the potential needs of conference attendees to design and develop effective conference signage. Only then can you develop highly effective conference signage. For example, it is essential to have a clear idea of the scheduled conference events as well as the layout of the conference location. Such knowledge would ensure that directional signs are accurate.

The type of signs used also has an impact on the effectiveness of conference signage. Some common types of conference signage include banner stands, hanging banners, floor graphics, and stair wraps, among others. Ideally, it is better to use signage types that can easily attract the attention of conference attendees.

Aside from the signage type, placement of signage also contributes significantly to a positive conference experience for attendees. For example, in addition to placing wayfinding signs along corridors and pathways, event organizers could also place identification signs next to specific rooms. The benefit of doing this is that it allows attendees to confirm that they are at the right location.

It is also essential for organizers to ensure that their conference signage stands out and is easily discernible from other signs within the hosting location. This distinction is especially so when conferences are in hotels and conference centers that also have their signs. Conference signage should, therefore, feature distinct logos, fonts, or colors that allow attendees to recognize them easily.
It is also recommendable to ensure consistency and uniformity in the design of conference signage. Flexibility contributes to the visibility and clarity of conference signage.

Need Help with your Conference Signage?

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