Vehicle Graphics: Will Wrapping your Car Wrap up More Business Deals?

When you’re sitting in traffic on Interstate 10 in Tucson, wanting to look at your phone when you know you shouldn’t, it is then the colors, models, and drivers of the cars around you become visible. This is also when you, as the advertiser, have found a sweet spot. What better way to target the audience around your location than turning your car into a mobile billboard? According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, more than 95 percent of Americans are reached by advertisements directed at motor vehicles. Turning your vehicle into a moving advertisement may seem like an expensive feat, but studies have shown the return on investment may be worth it.

How it works

Because every vehicle is different, the first step in determining the best use of graphics and cost is to have it reviewed by certified company.  In Tucson, you can contact Kachina Sign Center, which is fully certified with an experienced graphics team. It is very important to choose a company that knows their stuff, or your cars paint job could be jeopardized. When your vehicle is being examined, the company may take photographs and measurements to ensure the design is placed correctly. They will then print your wrap and install it on your car, which could take up to a day depending on the company you’re using. When the installation is complete, it is then up to you to drive your new billboard into prime marketing areas.

Expected returns

Putting down the initial costs for installing vehicle graphics can be hard without knowing how successful your campaign will be. Prices can vary greatly and depend mostly on your vehicle size and graphic needs, but you can use this free calculator to get a ball park range. The good news is, studies which have compared vehicle graphics to more traditional forms of media such as newspaper ads, TV commercials and radio and have found the reach to be well worth it. One study done on fleet graphic vehicles, showed a $0.48 cost per thousand (CPM) and $30,000 daily effective circulation (DEC) compared to $23.70 CPM and $1,445,700 DEC for television campaigns. To calculate your own return on investment, you can try creating a unique phone number or web address for your mobile campaign. You can also try advertising a special discount or promotion on your vehicle graphics.

Tips for success

Once you have your vehicle graphics designed, printed and installed, be sure to take care of your investment. Don’t take it through a power wash. Make sure you talk to the company you’re working with about the elements and conditions the vehicle will be under. In Tucson, Kachina guarantees a two to five year lifespan in the Arizona heat. Make sure your contact information and special discounts are in the most visible areas of your vehicle, such as your rear and side panels. Overall, get on the move and bring in more business!