Vinyl Banners Lifespan

Vinyl banners are a great way for any business to promote their products and services. They are among the most cost effective and versatile forms of advertising. Banners are generally manufactured out of materials that are meant to last out in the weather elements for years. Most banners have a long lifespan from two years up to seven years and even more. The lifespan of these promotional materials largely depends on how you use them. Here are some scenarios that affect the lifespan of vinyl banners:

Vinyl Banners Scenario 1

The way you use your banner and how you store it determines the lifespan of these materials. If you use your banner twice a week and you thoroughly wipe and store it, it can last for 5-10 years. If you properly maintain your banner, it will go a long way in ensuring that it lasts longer and that it serves its purpose. Therefore, the better you maintain your banner the more the years it will last.

Vinyl Banners Scenario 2

If you use your banner 3-4 times per week and store it in a proper way possible, the banner will last for between 3-6 years. This scenario basically shows that if you regularly use your banner, the lifespan will reduce. However, proper cleaning is mandatory if you want your banner to last longer.

Vinyl Banners Scenario 3

When you fail to remove your banner from the elements and it is ever outside, then its lifespan will be shorter. However, this does not mean that it will only last for a few months; it will last for at least one year. In other words, if your banner remains constantly exposed to weather elements, it will not last for several years as opposed to a banner that is removed outside every evening and is cleaned on a regular basis.

The material used for making a particular banner also determines the lifespan of that banner. Here are notable vinyl banner materials and their life spans:

Calendar PVC

This is a common material used in making vinyl banners. Its typical lifespan is about 3-6 years. However, this depends on how you use your banner.

Cast PVC

This material is of a higher quality than the calendar types. Banners made of this material can last for 5-12 years with proper usage and maintenance.

Materialized Polyester and Fluorescent

Banners made from this material are meant to be flashy and mostly decorative. However, their lifespan is not that long. In most cases, these banners last for at least two years.

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