Vinyl Car Graphics by the Numbers

In the late 1800s, advertisers used to apply decals to pottery or glass among other surfaces to promote the products or services. Car graphics only came into effect in the 1960’s. Over the years, car graphics has evolved significantly making them more popular with marketers and business owners. As a matter of fact, car graphics are among the most effective forms of advertising in the modern market. Their impressive popularity is attributed to their effectiveness in brand promotion and attention-grabbing ability. Consequently; billions of dollars are being spent on outdoor advertising annually according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Modern decals are highly regarded due to their tremendous impacts on businesses. The advancement in technology has led to the production of high quality, durable, colorful and effective car graphics. They no longer crack or peel as was the case a few years ago. Today, most car graphics are designed from vinyl due to the material’s durability and cost-effectiveness. In fact, modern vinyl car wraps can last up to 7 years due to their quality protective coatings.

The tremendous advancement in designs and printing has made vinyl car graphics a must have for many companies, organizations, and businesses. You can hardly travel for a few meters without being drawn to an appealing graphic on a truck or other types of vehicles. What makes modern vinyl car graphics more popular is the fact that they are more colored, crisp, appealing and well-designed. Many mobile advertising enthusiasts rely on vinyl car graphics for brand awareness.

Their cost-effectiveness has also contributed to their ever increasing popularity tremendously. In comparison to other forms advertising such as print, billboards, television, radio and social media marketing, Vinyl vehicle graphics are marginally inexpensive. Despite their cost-effectiveness, vehicle graphics attract an average of 40,000 views daily. Many ambitious businessmen find this kind of exposure irresistible.

Most people find car graphics appealing due to their ability to increase brand visibility effectively. With professionally designed vinyl vehicle graphics, it is possible to attract hundred thousands of views every month through your fleet.

Flexibility is yet another great factor that makes vinyl car graphics very popular with modern advertisers. They are easy to install and remove without unnecessary inconveniences. All it takes to make have highly effective vinyl car wraps is to keep them simple, choose contrasting colors, have strong brands and hire reputable professional installers.

Finally, vinyl car graphics are gaining increased popularity internationally due to their non-aggressiveness. People no longer get attracted to invasive forms of advertising. For highly effective and spectacular vinyl car graphics contact Kachina Sign Center in Tucson. We are simply the best in town.