Vinyl lettering versus wall decal

A well-decorated wall is no doubt a great way to enhance the beauty of a room and add life to it. There are numerous ways through which you can decorate your room, and each decoration style has its unique aspect. However, it is important that you understand what you want to achieve with the décor, as it will help you to make a concrete decision. Vinyl lettering and wall decal are some of the most sought-after ways of adding beauty to a wall. That said, what is the difference between vinyl lettering and wall décor? Below is a detailed overview.

Vinyl lettering

Unlike other signs, vinyl lettering is not printed on the material, but instead, the vinyl lettering is manufactured in rolls and different color shades. The rolls ensure that the letters are limited to one color that does not contain gradients or multiple colors on any letter.

So, how do you use vinyl lettering?

Vinyl lettering will come in handy when displaying necessary information on widely used locations at home or work. Also, vinyl lettering can be used on various surfaces such as glass, wood or plastic. However, it is important that you apply the vinyl lettering on non-porous surfaces.

Features of vinyl lettering

• Usually cut individually and has no background
• Very adhesive
• Cannot be repositioned
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Designs are complex thus tricky to print

Wall decals

Wall decals are no doubt the perfect repositionable wall decors. Wall decals offer versatile designs that are produced in different shapes and sizes. Also, most wall decals are made from flexible vinyl material where your design is printed. Moreover, wall decals can be printed using different designs and colors. This means that wall decals offer text effects and gradients to provide you with numerous display options. However, it is essential that you understand that individual letters cannot be cut out since the design is printed on a single sheet of material that is opaque.
Wall decals are visually appealing thus can be used to display a message or for decoration purposes. More to that, they can be used seasonally thus can be customized to fit any theme you want.

Features of wall decals

• Can be repositioned
• Only suitable for indoor use
• Printed on a single sheet of opaque material
• Best for gradients, backgrounds, images and multiple colors.
• Ideal for logos, signs, images or notices

The message you intend to display will largely determine the choice you settle for. If you want to display individual letters or numbers without using a background, the vinyl lettering will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you’re going to display logos or images that require a smooth application, repositioning or removal, wall decals will get the job done!