What Are the Benefits of Using Truck and Trailer Graphics?

While walking around the city, you might have observed some vehicles decorated with unique graphics to promote particular brands or products. Some of you might be wondering if this kind of advertising can bring some results or not. If we look at the stats, almost 90% of people notice these vehicle graphics and remember the message written on them.

Studies also reveal that the estimated cost for leading thousand impressions using these vehicle graphics is as low as around $0.15. Compared to this, the TV impressions cost $28.00, direct emails cost $16.00, radio or billboards cost $5.00 to $10.00, and Newspapers and Magazines offer the estimated cost of $16.00 per thousand impressions. Therefore, compared to other traditional advertising solutions, vehicle graphics are the most affordable way of advertising brands in the local market.

There is no doubt that graphics are the most compelling element of building a company’s reputation. As per the survey conducted by American Trucking Association, the average trailed wraps and truck decals can reach up to 16 million visual impressions annually. If you own multiple trucks and trailers to handle local field activities for your business, it is good to consider installing mobile billboards.

Below we have listed few excellent benefits of using truck and trailer graphics for your business:

  • Customization
    It is possible to make truck and trailer graphics using customized décor elements. It is possible to scale these designs to fit any desired size range. The professionals prefer using digitally enhanced images for this purpose and vibrant and attractive color elements that can deliver the company message more clearly to the audience.
  • Affordable
    Considering the count of impressions and leads generated by trailer and truck graphics, this is recognized as the most cost-effective solution for marketing. You can decorate your company vehicles with some informative and customized graphics to capture the attention of millions of people, that too within a minimal budget.
  • Variety
    You may find a variety of graphics to use on company vehicles. The range starts from simple lettering-based decals to interactive full-vehicle wraps. Depending upon the type of business and niche you are promoting, it is possible to choose various design options for trucks and trailers. You can go ahead with chrome, carbon fiber, or even gradients.
  • Mobility
    Whether your company vehicle moves around the state or delivers packages in a specific small area, it can still capture audience attention at a large scale. When local people see your truck regularly, they are likely to remember your brand’s name, logo, and niche category. Make sure you decorate your trucks with an attractive slogan, logo, phone number, services, and website to promote your brand.

In simple terms, there are so many ways to capture the audience’s attention with vehicle graphics. This idea suits almost every business, including food & beverage, contractors, catering & produce trailers, delivery vehicles, and manufacturing services. In Tucson, Arizona, you can hire experts from Kachina Sign Center to get your trucks decorated with relevant graphics.