Why Every Business Should Invest In Window Graphic

Commonly Overlooked Benefits of Window Graphics

There’s no disputing that window graphics are an excellent way for store owners to market their businesses. Not only are they simple but they also provide a cheap way to sell offers that catch the attention of the passersby in the vicinity. Oblivious to many, there are additional benefits that business owners can continue to reap even after the holiday season is over.
Surprisingly, these benefits don’t have much to do with sales and result in a better value for the business owners who decide to use this strategy for sale promotions. Here are some of the overlooked benefits of window graphics:


Ever gone to a storefront that was so difficult to navigate, that you couldn’t figure out where the front door was? As funny as it may sound, this is quite common and can be remedied through window graphics. Rather than leaving the navigation to chance, how about installing window graphics that can help people find the front door? You can also couple the entrance sign with other imagery and messaging that gives a potential customer a glimpse of what to see in your shop while you show them your entrance.

Avoid the permits

The process of securing sign permitting can be both costly and complicated. Window graphics can help you avoid city permits as you won’t have to go through the whole process every time you want new signage for a new promotion. However, some cases call for approval from governing bodies or landlords to put up window displays though there are rare.

Space for placement

When looking to have exterior signage, one issue that faces most business owners is lack of placement. You may be short of places to place the sign outside. On the other hand, with window graphics, you can place imagery and messaging any site on the windows, on the inside and out. This means more potential space for branding that can make a difference in the success of a business.


In a storefront, customers and staff can feel like they are on display or in a fishbowl. This is because they are in full view of every passerby. With window graphics, you can tone down on this by advertising what you want the passerby to see while maintaining a level of privacy.

Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to draw in more customers to your store. Embark on window graphics, and you see your business take a turn for the better. Contact us at Kachina Sign Center, and we’ll bounce ideas as we settle on the right window graphics for your store.