Why Formed Plastic Letters are Excellent Choice for Exterior Signs?

Business professionals at Tucson, Arizona, keep on asking about the best plastic letter exterior signs. People are already aware that plastic is one of the most durable, cost-effective, and attractive choices for signages. Experts recommend it as one of the most trusted visual branding solutions. However, there are few common queries that the team at Kachina Sign Center receives from customers.

Below we have answered some of the most common questions to ease the decision-making process for our clients:

Q. How formed plastic letters are designed?

A. The most commonly used raw material for these letters is cellulose acetate butyrate. It is first melted at high temperatures to get the desired shape and look for the signage. This thermoplastic material is known for its high-end structural integrity, proves that it is the best choice for high heat melting. You can also expect higher durability from this material.

Q. How do these letters look?

A. Instead of asking how the letters look, you should imagine how you want them to look. Yeah! It is possible to get these formed plastic letters in more than a hundred unique front styles. It means you can customize the appeal to achieve your dream look. The size of these letters also varies from two inches to the maximum height of 48 inches. You can select 40 paint colors and nine unique translucent colors to achieve the desired appeal. The finished product may look glossy or matte as per your selection. It is possible to attain prismatic display with flat or rounded letters.

Q. Can we customize the looks of these letters?

A. Yes, it is also possible to customize the overall appeal of the letters. Even if you are not satisfied with the available 40 colors, the professionals at Kachina Sign Center can help you get the color of your choice to paint them. It is even possible to achieve the metallic look with or make an attractive addition of gold leaf.

Q. Are they budget-friendly?

A. Yes, cellulose acetate butyrate is the most affordable type of formed plastic letters. You will find them one of the most inexpensive and budget-friendly signage solutions in the market. These creative letters are the perfect choice for every entrepreneur, including those who are just opening a new business as well as those who are into this race for a long time.

Q. Are these formed plastic letters durable?

A. Without any doubt, yes, the letters are very durable. These exterior building signs are capable enough to withstand impacts. Even if your business in an area that is more affected by bird landings, these letters can stay fine even after repeated impacts. Also, they are fade-resistant and can highlight your brand value for several years.

It is the right time to contact professional teams at Kachina Sign Center to install the most attractive, versatile, and inexpensive solution for your signage.