Why is it Necessary to Audit Your Signs?

After spending an almost stressful two years with a pandemic, businesses are now making efforts to settle into the new normal. In this scenario, you may need to make additional efforts to assess your business signs that visitors, guests, and customers will visualize every day.

People are now looking for the best ways to adapt to the guidelines. Therefore, it is necessary to check your signs to make sense of this new normal. However, if you are not sure how well they are serving your audience, it is good to do a sign audit.

Sign audits usually require a re-evaluation of your indoor and outdoor signs. This audit is mainly done to ensure that these signs are legible from different angles and distances. At the same time, they should incorporate updated informational and wayfinding elements. Experts advise using updated color combinations along with typography and brand identity materials. The existing signs must have polished and clean appeal, and for this, the businesses need to work on visual blemishes, fading, and other weathering issues. Other than this, it is necessary to ensure that seasonal events and sales are promoted effectively through your signboards.

The beginners in the industry might be a little confused about how they can start to assess the brand signage. No matter to which industry you belong, it is better to hire an experienced specialist to audit the signage. These experts can locate the specific replacement and repair needs while pinpointing several missed opportunities. They can also present some creative ideas to lead to further enhancements.

When you start the audit of your signage, you may have to answer the below questions in the process:

  • Do your signs lead to a brand image?

Although many businesses consider their digital and printed assets, including websites, brochures, and social media pages, as main branding elements, you cannot ignore the importance of signage in this process. They are responsible for affecting the everyday experience of your staff and visitors. Attractive and relevant signage can create a memorable impression of your brand while evoking values, vision, and overall mission.

  • Does it meet ADA requirements?

The signage for business must also be assessed under the Americans with Disabilities Act to meet the specific set of requirements. As CDC provides repeated guidelines on proper safety, hygiene, and social distancing, businesses need to follow them while using signage. Therefore, it is always necessary to ensure that your signage is up to date with the latest guidelines.

  • Does it require any repair?

Studies show that customers avoid businesses with faded and broken signage. Therefore, business owners are advised to update and repair their signage ahead of time to prevent any negative impression on the target audience. At the same time, you should make sure that your already installed signages are visible and not blocked by distractions such as trees, buildings, etc.

While updating your signage, always make sure that it helps you lock the business industry’s upcoming growth opportunities. You can hire professionals from Kachina Sign Centre in Tucson to update and improve your sign with quality appeal.