Why Signage Is Important For Your Business

For a business to be successful, it needs to have a good stream of customers. And to achieve this, there is a need for good signage if the customers are to know the business exists in the first place and the services it offers. FedEx Office went out to find a connection between signage and interest in a store. The survey sought to measure the power of signage, and it’s the effect on a customer’s intention to enter a store, purchase and more. The study discovered that there is a correlation between good signs and good consumer action and in the process, highlighted the chance for small businesses to realize growth through good signage.

The power of good signage

The survey uncovered that about 8 in 10 American consumers (76%) get into a store they’ve never been into depending on its signs. Additionally, almost 7 in 10 have made purchases in a new store just because they were drawn by a sign. This goes to show that having eye-catching signage can help bring in new customers who may end up making purchases. Additionally, the survey discovered that a sign also influenced the tendency of consumers to promote a business by word-of-mouth. 3 out of 4 customers said that they had recommended a store to someone based on its signage.

Sign quality

Location may be critical to a business’s success, but sign quality is just as important. The survey showed that over two-thirds of the consumers (68%) believed that a store’s signage was a reflection of the quality of its services or products. Additionally, bad signage has a negative effect on customers. The study discovered that poor signage deterred consumers from getting into a store with more than half of the subjects (52%) saying that they were less likely to get into a store that had a poorly-made or misspelled sign.

No signs?

Business owners who opt not to have a sign hurt their business. The survey found that almost 60% of consumers were deterred from entering a store because of the absence of a sign. On the amount of signage that is sufficient for business, consumers thought that a company should have an average of 2 to 3 signs near its storefront.

In conclusion, there is no disputing that signage has a considerable influence on the success of a business by drawing in new consumers. Additionally, it is not enough to have signage, it has to be good or else, it could drive consumers away. For quality signage that will guarantee you return-on-investment, we will collaborate with you to develop signage that showcases your brand. Contact us for more information.