Why You Might Need Sign Repair and Restoration

Regardless of the type of sign you invest in, after some time, you still need to either replace it or ask someone to repair it. Such a job should not be handed out to just anyone but should be done by a professional to ensure that all the parts and pieces of the sign work properly or that the former state of the signs is restored. This is what we aim for at Kachina Sign Center in our repair and restoration services. We ensure that the signs will be back to what they looked like. Let’s take a look at what causes the degradation of signs in the first place:


One of the leading reasons that leads to the damage of signs is weather. In the states that are occasionally hit by monsoon season, the strong storms can take their toll on signs. The strong winds hurl objects at the signs and this leads to broken channel letters, broken cabinet signs among other kinds of damage. Additionally, it could also result in moisture getting into the electronic elements of the signs from heavy rains or a flood. Regardless of the kind of damage that is inflicted on your signs, we will have them looking as good as new.


Vandalism has been there since medieval times. It is when someone wants to leave an unwanted mark on society. It could be in the form of spray-painting or someone could bash your sign with a baseball bat. Either case, nobody wants to keep the end result. At Kachina Sign Center, we will have your signs restored back to normal and wiped off any indication of vandalism. The same applies for the destructive vandals. Whether your sign has been hurled stones at, we’ll get them back to working order.


In all cases, time will have it’s touch on your sign through damage or wearing out. Regardless of the durability of the materials, your sign will end up requiring either a facelift or total repair. Furthermore, after some time, the design on the signs becomes outdated. In the event that age has taken it’s toll on your sign, we will help restore it back to it’s pristine nature or replace it for you.

For all repair and restoration needs and questions that you have, we will help deal with them by repairing your signs and restoring those that are damaged beyond repair. Contact us for more information.