Window Graphics in Tucson

Window Graphics is one of the most preferred forms of advertisement and branding. Individual window graphics are made from films that do not come off when pasted on windows. They are one of the most powerful forms of physical advertisements as it is the primary thing that a person will notice when he/she will come near your store.

We at Kachina Sign Center provide various types of window graphics that will help you attract more and more customers.

Types of Window Graphics

As per the requirement and location, Kachina Sign Center provides three basic types of Window Graphics.


These graphics are also called as semi-transparent window graphics. They are backlight due to which people can read their content even at night.


These graphics are solid and cannot be seen through. They mainly have a white or black background on which the contents are written. A person will not see what is inside the shop through these kinds of window graphics.


These graphics are called the one-way mirror. It enables the people inside the shop to see the people reading the contents outside due to small perforations. Simultaneously, the people from outside will not be able to the people who are present inside.

Letter and Graphic Styles

  1. Acrylic Lettering

You can design the window graphics as you like, but we will suggest you have acrylic lettering. The block letters with distinct gaps between them will increase the readability for the customers. 

  1. Full Covered

This style involves the covering of the whole wall. These graphics are most appropriate if you want to attract more and more customers in very little time. There are various types of letter styles available to make your full covered graphics more attractive.

Benefits of Having Window Graphics

  1. Branding

Nowadays, graphics and graffitis are substances that attract more and more customers. The people are more prone to the shops and workplaces that can present themselves. Therefore, window graphics can help you achieve versatility.

  1. Promotion

The window graphics are one of the most appreciated forms of physical communication. The contents written in the advertisement will make people think about whether to opt for the product. Therefore, a good window graphic can positively promote your work.

  1. Attention Seeker

A Fully covered wall with beautiful graphics will make anyone notice your shop. In this manner, the product you are selling or the product you are promoting will automatically be seen by the people.

Bottom Line

Window Graphics are one of the most convenient and effective forms of advertisement. People will automatically notice a beautiful and decorated graphic representation. Moreover, it is a form of outdoor advertising seen by the people passing outside your store. Therefore, if you wish to boost your business’s performance and growth, you should go for window graphics today.