Window Lettering Sign Options

Business advertising goes beyond placing outdoor signage in strategic locations to attract passers-by. Window signage is another excellent option of creating brand awareness. When done right, window signs can boost your advertising effort significantly. They are instrumental in attention-grabbing and delivering brand promotion messages.

5 Common Window signage options are:

Window Decals

Decals are generally custom cut letters and logos. They are usually done in different colors to match the company logos. They can either be applied from the outside or from the inside. Their adhesive material makes them durable, and easy to install. Die cut decals are ideal for temporary or permanent signage. You can have them done to match with your company logos. Window decals designing and installation should be left to experts for them to serve their intended purposes effectively. The good thing about these unique stickers is that they can be applied to any kind of glass surface. Choosing the right materials for your window decals can be advantageous concerning durability and effectiveness. Window decals can either be frosted digitally printed or self-adhesive vinyl cut. They are ideal for office settings, promotions, and branding, advertising, marketing, educational, directional and informational purposes.

Static Window Clings

Static clings are attached to your windows via static charge. They are commonly used for temporary marketing and brand promotions. Static window clings can either be opaque or transparent depending on your personal preference. Although static clings lack an adhesive side, they are easily repositioned or detached using water after they have served their purpose.

Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated window graphics are commonly used to provide partial visibility. Perforated window graphics is always done on the outer part of the window. This window signage option allows easy visibility from the inside. Perforated window graphics are designed to restrict or block the external view. The advantage of this kind of signage is that you can always print high-resolution color advertising graphics on them.

Window Frosting

Window frosting is yet another excellent window signage option. It provides maximum privacy for offices, stores, meeting rooms or any other services environment. Window frosting provides you with a unique one-way vision without compromising on your natural light. You can decide to take your marketing, advertising or brand promotion to another level through this exciting window signage option. When done professionally, window frosting will definitely add some ounce of excitement to your business settings feel and look. Window frosting is an excellent way to make an office look elegant.

Decorative Window Film

You can decide to take the boredom out of your office, or business windows by opting for decorative window films. They are great for customizing your company logo, name or any other relevant information. Decorative window film can be in the form of frosted vinyl, etched vinyl or sandblasted vinyl among others.

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