Window Lettering: Turn Window Shoppers Into Costumers

Window Lettering: Turn Window Shoppers Into Costumers

As a business owner, you know the importance of getting information out to your costumers. Whether you sell insurance, cars, boutique clothing or pies, a great way to bring in more people to your business is by utilizing vinyl window lettering. Especially if your business is in a sidewalk accessible part of town, your front windows are your business’s biggest advertising space. Use window lettering to complement your brilliant window display, or add a fresh pop of color to your front entrance. Here’s why window lettering is a viable option for your business.

Curb appeal

Walking, talking, driving, jogging, whatever activity your cliental is doing, you want to give them a reason to look twice. With customized lettering that reflects your brand’s appeal help set your business’s tone. Use fine print with a white finish for your bridal shop, or try bold and bright red lettering for your pizza joint. Think of your windows as the frame to the moving picture of your store. What do you want to promise your costumers when they decide to walk through your doors? Window lettering gives your business a composed compilation.

Bang for your buck

Window lettering is your chance to say a lot with a little. The lettering lasts for years, and is fairly priced. When you consider the amount you pay for decorating inside your store, a store front option is a good investment. You are leaving a mark on you business and making it stand out on the street. Instead of paying for another sign, you are utilizing the space you already have. Simply by listing your business’s name, number and hours open, you are posting a 24/7 advertisement. Consider also including social media outlets, so costumers know where to look for updates if the store is closed.

Time saver

Instead of constantly answering costumer’s questions about when your business is open, use your time to share information about products and engage your costumers in what your business has to offer. Remember your vinyl window lettering is the perfect way to give your costumers a peek at what’s inside. Bright and bold words that help reflect your business’s style will draw people in to take a closer look.

For information on how you can add crisp and clear lettering to your business’s windows, contact Kachina Sign Center in Tucson.