Window Lettering: Vinyl Lettering Vs Clear Window Decals

Kachina Sign Center is a leading signage company in Tucson. We specialize in offering high-quality vinyl lettering and clear window decals among other products. Both of these products can make positive impacts for your business.

What’s the difference between the two very similar products?

  • Clear Window Decals

Clear window decals refer to signage whose designs are directly printed onto a unique sheet of clear material known as Window Deco. With this kind of signage individual images or letters are not installed separately to the window since the design is printed as a whole onto the clear material. Interestingly, Clear window decals can be used effectively on either side of the window. By this, we mean it can be read from the outside stress-free.

This type of signage requires proper installation to make them more effective. The only way of getting it right with clear window decals is through working with credible professional signage installers. Clear window decals have an average lifespan of about three years depending on whether they are exposed to the interior or exterior application elements.

Clear Window Decals are excellent for images and logos. Additionally; they are highly customizable for effective business advertising.

  • Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is somehow similar to clear window decals in appearance. The biggest difference between the two signage types is that Vinyl lettering is produced from a piece of colored materials using special machinery whereas clear window decals are designed from a clear material. Vinyl lettering materials are available in a variety of specific colors. Another unique fact about this type of signage is that individual letters can be adhered to the window individually unlike the case with clear window decal.

One major similarity between the two is that they can either be placed on the inside or outside of a window or door effectively. In terms of pricing, Vinyl lettering is slightly costlier than clear window decals depending on their complexity, quantity, and size of the material.

In summary, Vinyl lettering is not printed, rather it is cut from colored material, have a lifespan of 8-10years depending on climate and placement, are easy to manipulate and are  perfect for lettering and numbers,

Whether you are looking for unique clear window decals or vinyl lettering signage, Kachina Sign Center is your best option. We have the right team of professional experts, machinery, passion, and experience to produce outstanding window lettering for all our beloved customers. Feel free to request a quote from Kachina Sign Center, your leading commercial signage company in Tucson.